Cranes of Hope with St. Louis Friends Meeting and Saint Louis University


There is a Japanese legend that anyone who folds a thousand paper cranes is granted one wish.

Last year, Diana Pascoe got together with students from SLU’s English as a Second Language Program and the International Student Group to make a thousand cranes of hope. Students and professors from many different countries including China, Japan, Mexico, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and Colombia, among others, came together to make the origami birds.

In combination with the project, St. Louis Friends Meeting (Quakers) donated $1000 to Northside Community Housing — one dollar for every crane. After folding efforts were completed, Northside’s own Jessica Eiland was invited to speak about NCHI and the work being done in the Ville neighborhood to students at SLU

These beautiful birds have since found a home at our office on Lincoln and Sarah. The group has generously offered to keep adding one crane to our mobile for every dollar donated to NCHI. Click here to give today!