Board of Directors

Philip Minden


Sterling Bank, Senior Vice President

Phil Minden is a former employee of Northside Youth and Senior Services Center and has been engaged in community development activities in the Ville and Greater Ville neighborhoods for the past 23 years. "Although the Ville and Greater Ville face many challenges, these neighborhoods are unique in their ability to attract and keep families who want to take advantages of the many opportunities available to them; strong institutions and churches, community gardening and healthy living, support for youth, families, and senior."  Minden is Sr. Vice President at Sterling Bank primarily engaged in lending for the construction of affordable housing projects throughout the country.  

Angela L. Jones

Community Resident/Vice-Chair

Commerce Bank

"My time on the board has been rewarding in many ways.  I love to our neighborhood (The Ville) develop and proper.  I love being a part of an organization that's offering solutions and ways to better the neighborhood."

Stephen Hutchison, Community Organization Representative / Treasurer

Revitalization 2000, Inc., President

I joined the board of Northside Community Housing because the execution of its mission has made a visible and significant impact in the Ville.  The mission remains essential to meeting the many needs of the residents living in our neighborhood.  As a member of NCHI I hope to assist in helping it employ its resource and leadership experience to broaden its services within the Ville.  This is an exciting and potentially pivotal time given the collaborative efforts of a number of Ville churches and organizations.  Working together as we are creates a collective impact that is mutually beneficial to all residents and organizations.  NCHI is a key organization in this collaboration given its visibility and respect both within the Ville and in the network of organizations outside the Ville whose assistance we need in this collaborative work.

Jeannine Murphy


FCB Banks, Loan Officer & CRA/Community Development Officer

"NCHI is one of the most successful performing housing organizations in North St. Louis due to great leadership.  We are fortunate to have outstanding dedication to the mission in our current president and predecessor as well as the support of a diverse, professional, and passionate board of directors.  The results are safe and well-maintained housing to counteract the continuous deterioration of neighborhoods and expanding support services to help residents holistically stabilize their financial well-being.  It's gratifying to be apart of the endeavors we take on."

Bill Brooks

Community Resident

B & H Enterprise, L.L.C., Owner

Torrey Davie

Community Resident/Community Organization Representative

Northside Youth and Senior Service Center, Director of Youth Programs

"My time on the board has been a very insightful experience.  I have been able to see the planning and vision to continue to make this neighborhood a better place to live.  This has been especially special for me since I am raising children in the neighborhood.  It feels good to know that people care about the residents of this community and I am delighted to be a part of it in this capacity."



Alex D. Fennoy

Midwest BankCentrre, Senior Vice President / Director of Community Development

Suzanne Furay

U.S. Bancorp CDC

Greta Henderson

Community Resident

St. Louis University Law Clinic, Clinic Coordinator

"I am a new board member of Northside Community Development.  I have resided in the Ville Neighborhood for over 20 years.  I currently work as a Clinic Coordinator at Saint Louis University Law School.  I look forward to sharing ideas and finding solutions to improve the Northside Community."

Father William Hutchison


Scott Z. Larson

Carrollton Bank, Regional President

"I look forward to helping the residents of the Greater Ville and North St. Louis achieve the dream of better housing and neighborhood stabilization."

Al Leake

Community Resident

Leake's Service L.L.C.

Aaron Williams

Alberici Constructors, Inc., Project Manager